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5:04 pm

WordPress Htaccess Tips for Better Security and Performance

For Detail htaccess file Usages and how to create it, please check htaccess file knowledge base  Millions of WordPress users use the .htaccess file to protect their websites from spammers, hackers, other known threats and increase their WordPress Website Performance. I will list some Useful Tips of  htaccess file used for WordPress Security and Performance.[continue...]

10:33 pm

How to Pretect Your WordPress Website wp-admin folder and wp-login.php file using .htaccess file ?

If you want to protect your wordpress website admin folder wp-admin folder by htaccess file. You can check How to deny IP address to your folder. In your wp-admin folder place a .htaccess file, and add following codes: order allow,deny allow from deny from all is your own IP address. So only you[continue...]